Palmerston North Airport Limited is embarking on a journey to deliver our community a new future-proofed airport terminal.

To be completed in 2026 the new terminal will ensure operational and seismic resilience while future proofing the terminal for growth and industry change.


The construction will be staged over two phases. The first phase is due to commence in mid 2024 and the second phase in 2025. Construction is expected to be completed by mid 2026. 

There are three key drivers creating the need to invest in a refurbished or new terminal. These include seismic resilience, an ability to accommodate future growth in passenger volumes and the introduction of passenger and hold bag screening if mandated by Central Government.  

A refurbishment of the present terminal was evaluated but ruled out due to the cost and residual seismic concerns. A new terminal will improve the experience for all customers, providing more efficient and modern airport infrastructure, and ensure our city and region have an air gateway that is appropriate and resilient. 

The terminal design has been optimised for the anticipated growth in domestic passenger volumes and the possibility that passenger and hold bag screening is required at regional airports like ours.  

Due to the modular design of the terminal, an expansion pathway is available should passenger growth exceed projections.  

International services would require additional terminal space to accommodate the various agencies necessary to facilitate international passenger movements. Although not presently on the radar, theoretically this could be accommodated during a future expansion phase. 

The proposed $40 million terminal will be 110 metres long by 38 metres deep and will provide a gross floor area of approximately 5,000m2 (including upstairs regional lounge).

The new terminal will be constructed in the same location as the current terminal to maintain adjacency to aircraft stands and carparks.

Construction is planned to occur over two phases.

During Phase One the Western wing (Milson Line end) of the existing terminal will be demolished and rebuilt. While this occurs all terminal operations will be temporarily relocated into the Eastern wing (Railway Road end) of the existing terminal. 

In Phase Two all terminal operations will be transferred to the new Western wing while the new Eastern wing is constructed. Airline check in and departure lounge areas will be positioned in their final location, while all other activities will also be accommodated in this wing temporarily.

Once the Eastern wing is completed the café, arrivals area, bathrooms, rental cars, and retail will relocate here.

The proposed 5,000 m2 terminal will be comprised of three functional areas. The main function of the new terminal’s western wing will be to accommodate the safe transfer of check-in baggage to aircraft. Airline offices for front of house and ground handling team members, and a cargo acceptance area will also be provided for in this wing. Should passenger and bag screening be mandated by Central Government then the Western wing will also accommodate Aviation Security Services and the equipment necessary to X-ray and inspect checked in bags.

The double-height central portion of the terminal will include airline check-in, departure lounge areas, café, retail, rental car operators, a meeting room and Palmerston North Airport terminal operations offices. Passenger screening will also occur here should that be required. An upstairs regional lounge will also be provided for. 

The Eastern end of the terminal will accommodate arriving passengers, bag reclaim and bathroom facilities. 

An airside corridor will extend the full length of the terminal providing weather protection for embarking and disembarking passengers. 

We will be working closely with our airline partners and tenants to ensure air service and terminal disruption is minimised during the construction period. However, we ask airport users to allow extra time while travelling to and while at the airport due to possible impacts on terminal services. 

Palmerston North Airport Limited have appointed Colliers | Greenstone Group to project manage the TDP (Terminal Development Plan) project in conjunction with senior members of the airport team. 

Terminal Development co-design

At Palmerston North Airport we believe that the most extraordinary designs come to life when our communities and creativity unite. Join us in this exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the co-design process with Rangitāne and our talented architects.

Together, we’re shaping the future of the gateway to Manawatū. Watch as ancient wisdom and modern innovation merge to create a space that truly reflects our values, heritage, and the needs of our travelers.

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