Airport Emergency Exercise 2024 - volunteer sign up

Primarily airport exercises are designed practically assess the emergency plan. However, it also enables emergency services to work together and key personnel to network, which has positive benefits for other community emergencies.

This exercise is designed to practically test the tabletop scenario developed on the 27 February 2024. This will enable assessment of Palmerston North Airport Limited, Civil Aviation Rule 139 exposition Emergency Plan, Sections.

  • Section 4: Aircraft accident on airport “CRASH”
  • Section 10: Site roles

Exercise Objectives:
The following objectives have been set for the exercise

  1. To test inter agency communications during an airport emergency event.
  2. To practice the coordination between responding agencies.
  3. To familiarise airport staff with emergency response procedures by participation in the exercise.

Dates and times:

The practical exercise will be held on Tuesday 5th March 2024 between 1900hrs and 2200hrs.

Aviation Accidents

It is unlikely an individual will be in an aggressive or physically violent state, as shock can take over after an accident or traumatic event. Volunteers are asked to act in a reasonable manner when interacting with emergency workers. The objective of the annual exercise is to test the written plan not the responders. This will enable the phases to be conducted in the time allowed without unexpected tangents.

Exercise volunteers will be simulating aircraft passengers.

  1. Aircraft passengers will be prepositioned within exercise area prior to emergency services turnout.
  2. Aircraft passengers who are mobile will be gathered up by emergency services and identified and accounted for.

To ensure all participants remain safe during the exercise, volunteers must:

  • Be physically fit and of good health.
  • Wear clothing appropriate to temperature (outside/inside) especially where individuals may be inactive for a time.
  • Comply with any safety instructions from exercise personnel.
  • Keep your role acting conservative and real, no verbal or physical aggressiveness.
  • Let someone know immediately should an injury or illness occur during exercise.
  • Remain in designated areas unless required to do so by exercise emergency responders or Safety Coordinator. Apron area will still be operational.
  • When possible, keep yourself hydrated.

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